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The resources on this page are a small sampling of relevant articles to the OGPS population – however, they are no substitute for personalized career services and workshops, unique to Tulane’s population. 

You are eligible for personalized career services as a graduate student in the School of Liberal Arts (Masters and PhD), School of Science and Engineering (Masters and PhD), Public Health and Tropical Medicine (PhD only), Freeman Business School (PhD only), and School of Medicine (Biomedical Sciences only, PhD and Masters). 

In addition, all Postdoctoral Fellows at Tulane University are eligible for personalized career services. It is highly recommended that Masters Students have their first meeting with our career counseling team no later than 6 months prior to graduation and that our PhD students meet with our career services team before they complete their qualifying exams.

The OGPS Career Services team also provides bi-weekly workshops during the summer semester. Information and instructions to register for our workshops can be found here, and to schedule a one-on-one career services appointment, please book here.

The Spring 2024 semester workshops include: 

  • Resume Writing for Non-Academic Jobs 
  • Networking and Building Professional Relationships 
  • Mastering LinkedIn: Strategies for Professional Success
  • Interview Skills and Techniques 
  • Negotiating Compensation and Benefits 
  • Non-Academic Job Search Strategies and Hidden Opportunities 
  • Leveraging Communications Skills in the Workplace for Career Growth: Navigating Conflict, Email Etiquette, and Managing Up 
  • Career Soul Searching: Finding the Best Career Fit
  • Time Management in the Job Search, Prioritization, Process, and Product 
  • Academic CV Writing for PhDs and Postdocs
  • Academic Job Searching and Preparation 

To get support for non-academic career pathways for PhD students, go to VersatilePhD and follow the instructions.

To get interviewing support, go to Big Interview, click the green register button and use registration code 0699.

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