OGPS Events

Every semester, OGPS hosts a myriad of events for students to engage with. From weekly study sessions to international dissertation competitions, there is something for everyone! The best way to get updated on what events are coming up is to follow us on Instagram

An 80,000-word thesis would take 9 hours to present. They only have three minutes. 

Every November, Tulane University takes part in the international three-minute thesis competition. Competitors must present their dissertations within the titular three-minute time limit. 

Read more about Three Minute Thesis and former winners here

Once a month, OGPS sets up coffee and donuts for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to enjoy in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Graduate Student Lounge. This is an opportunity for students to destress and meet their peers across schools and departments and to get acquainted with the graduate-exclusive library space. 

Once a week, OGPS hosts an open Zoom room for students to work on whatever they need. This event is based on the idea of body doubling and accountability partners; just having someone in the same room (virtual or not) simultaneously working, it can help someone feel more motivated to complete a given task. Zoom links can be found in the weekly bulletin. 

OGPS offers a multitude of career workshops every semester that cover a multitude of topics related to job searches (both academic and non-academic), resume writing, effective communication, and career soul-searching. The workshops are led by OGPS Senior Career and Academic Advisor, Ryan Stivers. For more information on the career services OGPS offers, please visit the Career Services site here

At the beginning of the academic year, OGPS Academic Development and Resource Specialist, Lauren Luukkarila, leads several academic cohorts for a variety of populations. These cohorts are centered around accountability and time management in graduate school. These cohorts are open for enrollment beginning in August.