Terminal Degree Marketing Grants

OGPS makes marketing grants of up to $2000 each to Tulane's departments and programs that offer a non-professional terminal degree; e.g., PhD, MFA. Because all terminal degree programs are valued, the grant program is not competitive. However, participating departments and programs are required to submit a short proposal to formally request the funds. Departments and programs must include a plan to recruit underrepresented students in their discipline.


Submit a brief one-page proposal with the following information:

Proposed Activities

Funds may be requested for one or both of the following activities. Please indicate how funds will be apportioned between the activities.

  • Travel funds for prospective graduate students. Airfare, hotel, and miscellaneous travel expenses associated with visits to Tulane by prospective graduate students consistent with Tulane's travel policy are allowed. A guide of $500 per trip should be used.
  • Travel funds for faculty to attend a major graduate school fair or student recruiting conference.


List the amount requested and how the funds will be expended. Grants are limited to $2,000.

Diversity Plan

Diversity plans should include specific ways in which the department will reach out to students who are underrepresented generally in graduate education and particularly in your field. This could include, though is not limited to, paying for access to the list of McNair Scholars, prioritizing accepted minority students for visits, creating pipeline programs with our local HBCUs, or specific outreach efforts to minority-serving institutions. If you need assistance with the diversity plan, please reach out to Michael Cunningham or Jennifer O'Brien-Brown. 

Program Information

Provide information on the graduate program you are marketing:

  • current number of terminal degree students in the program
  • average GRE scores of current students in the program (if applicable)
  • primary funding mechanism for terminal degree students (teaching assistantship, research assistantship, fellowship, etc.)
  • additional information may be requested in the annual request for proposals


Proposal deadlines will be communicated to the Associate Deans in schools with eligible programs and are generally in late October to early November. The preferred mode of delivery is via e-mail in PDF format to Jennifer O'Brien-Brown at jobrien2@tulane.edu.

Grants will be awarded by November 30 for the recruiting period. Please note that due to limited resources, the requested budgets may be adjusted upon award depending on the current number of graduate students in the program and/or the total number of requests.


Departments and programs will be reimbursed for their incurred expenses. A brief summary of graduate recruiting activities should accompany the request for reimbursement (in the form of a "Departmental Correction" Electronic IT form).  Submit Departmental Corrections to the OFFICE OF GRADUATE AND POSTDOCTORAL STUDIES by May 15

Please be sure to email a copy of your reimbursement receipts to jobrien2@tulane.edu, as well as a copy on your electronic Departmental Correction.


Please direct questions to Jennifer O'Brien-Brown, Assistant Director for the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, at jobrien2@tulane.edu.